Co- Curricular

With today’s busy schedules, it s difficult to get our children to the various programs like Atheletes, Language classes, Karate, Gymnastics, Music, Dance ,Art etc. WE provide an enriched program for all the above with instructors that specialize in working with young children. These programs are optional and there is no additional charge for enrolling in them. Our goal is to encourage all children to participate in to the above enrichment programs.

The above activities are optional and subject to change/cancel without prior notice.

National Programs

National festivals play an important role in planting the seed of nationalism and patriotism among the people of India.Celebration of these festivals commemorates the sacrifices of our great leaders and freedom fighters who laid down their lives in the foundation of this country.

The National festivals such as Republic Day and Independence Day remind people about their sacrifices and struggle of freedom fighters for getting freedom. The feeling of unity, unite the people of India.

Cultural Events

Celebrating events and in schools have become an integral part of learning and building a strong cultural belief in a child. We encourage students to embrace other traditions and culture just like the way they do with their own.

Children will remember an important day only if they are told what the occasion signify, making them aware in a more fun way. The events and festivals organized at school are often celebrated with great pomp and gaiety. Apart from classroom activities, we also pay heed to other important festivals which must be celebrated in order to understand our country’s tradition.

Such celebration will bring students closer to traditional and cultural belief. A close bond is built between the students as they understand each other’s different customs. Being a diverse country, the students need to know what each festival means, and it is only through this celebration, he/she will get to know more about our country. Keeping its values intact.

Social Gatherings

While events like these have nothing to do with academics, they have at least something important to do with a student’s overall learning experience in school. Social gatherings benefit students in ways that no book, lecture or workshop can fully replicate.

1. To develop emotional intelligence Social events develop social skills and empathy—the outward-oriented dimensions of emotional intelligence (EQ). The interactions or conversations elicited by events helps students build relationships, understand different perspectives and engage other cultures. Social events provide an opportunity to expand one’s social circle.

2. To take a break All work with no breaks diminishes productivity. It’s good to take one’s mind off the troubles of exams or reports from time to time—something that participating in events can provide. 3. To build relationships Participating in Social Gatherings Social development Relationship-building is a good habit that students need to learn.

Kindergarten Sports

Our children learn to keep fit and play competitive sports, from their time in Kindergarten right up until they leave school. Sport is an important part of life at CPS as it teaches discipline, teamwork and is fun!

Equal opportunity, full participation, and fair play are emphasised through both team games and individual pursuits, helping children to develop a competitive spirit which is so important in the post-school world.

The indoor and outdoor facilities allow us to offer a really broad range of sports to our pupils and we regularly participate in and enjoy considerable success .In Kindergarten, sport is about learning what your body is capable of – improving hand/eye co-ordination, spatial awareness and balance, among other skills. The aim of Kindergarten sports is to grow a passion for exercise at an early age that we hope children will maintain throughout their life.